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Oracle Certification helps to judge competency and measures ability to use Oracle technology.

Becoming professionally certified can be an intelligent career move for an IT professional. Unlike college or university qualifications, taking a professional certification such as the OCP offers you many more career opportunities.

Professional certifications are current and allow you to provide your employer with the skills they need to run their information systems. On obtaining an Oracle certificate, you show your employer that you have the depth of knowledge and hands-on skills required to support Oracle core products according to a rigorous standard established by Oracle.

Oracle Certified Professionals have testified to the value of Oracle Certification in a study conducted in 1999 by Market Analysis and Research Strategies:

  • 97% said they have benefited from certification.
  • 89% said they gained more confidence in their Oracle expertise after becoming certified.
  • 96% would recommend the program to a professional colleague.
The Oracle Certified Professional Program is also valuable to hiring managers who want to distinguish between candidates for critical IT positions. Hiring certified professionals has a direct impact on a company's bottom line, as these conclusions from a research study conducted in 1997 by International Data Corporation suggest:

  • Certified professionals handled 40% more support calls per person, per day, than uncertified staff.
  • Companies that advocated certification reported 49% less downtime than those that did not.
  • For the majority of companies surveyed, the savings from increased effectiveness paid the costs of certification in less than nine months.

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