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Experienced systems solution consulting


Your office is a key hub of the business juggling the change of balancing IT capabilities to match the business objectives. As the business strategies are realigned to changing economic and market conditions – IT capabilities are not necessarily revisited with the same rigour – leaving investments across the company that may not be optimally performing or delivering to the changed requirements.

Through our “Discover, Design, Deliver” process – we can help you objectively frame your needs and initiatives. We have a proven track record of helping companies realise the full value of their business applications.

Our difference – simply is that we’ve done it – time and time again. We’ve worked across the full spectrum of the business lifecycle – from planning through to delivery, support and training. More importantly – we understand what actually works on the ground and when the theory remains just that – theory. We’ve provided advice across a range of industries and business challenges for New Zealand and Australia’s largest companies. Our specialists are available to listen and discuss straightforward pragmatic solutions with you.

Solution Consulting and Implementation 


Our framework begins by listening and analyzing first – and then developing the required outcomes second. With a large team of skilled consultants, solution architects, technical, system architects and developers will ensure your selected solution organises and adapts to the business requirements.

We have the proven ability and methodologies to assist you with:
  • Requirements definition
  • High level concept design
  • Vendor research
  • Fit-Gap Analysis between product and requirement
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Release and change management
  • Development requirements


Program and Project Management  

We assist you to deliver your projects on time, in budget and meet business objectives. We have specialist consultants in ERP and IT who are product and PMI certified. Our skilled project managers partner with you to for meeting facilitation, strategic project reviews, management and implementation, with dedicated focus on:

  • Programme Management Office
  • Information Control
  • Risk & Issue Tracking
  • Change Management


Business Analysis and Process Reviews  

Our in-depth process review team assist you to save implementation time, reduce risk and deliver enhanced productivity for your business objectives. Our methodologies help you design, model, simulate and optimise business process to achieve maximum operational efficiency:

  • Requirements planning and management
  • Business process mapping
  • Systems analysis
  • Process issue analysis
  • Scoping study and documents
  • Fit-Gap analysis


Enterprise Content Management

The requirement for enterprise content management is becoming a higher strategic priority for companies who are seeking to lower risks, costs and reduce time associated with sourcing, tracking and storing their data. Asparona enables organisations to leverage market-leading document management, web content management, digital asset management, and records retention functionality to build and complement business applications

Our critical skill sets can guide and develop:

  • Document and Records Management
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Collaboration
  • Web Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management



Process and Operations Management

We understand what is required to ensure your It services desks are running effectively and providing the levels of services and meet your client’s service requirements. Our consulting team will assess your:

  • Issue Management and Service Desk
  • ITIL audit and implementations


For more information, chat to an experienced team member