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Retail Industry

Asparona’s involvement in the Retail sector goes back to 2002. Our wealth of knowledge and experience within this sector allows us to provide guidance and deliver proven solutions. 

Asparona has worked with several national retail organisations to create strategic roadmaps for business improvements to meet the businesses’ strategic objectives over medium to long-term time horizons. This delivers a ‘platform for growth and agility’ that enables an organisation to respond quickly to the changing business environment.  Working with these organisations we have provided thought leadership and assisted them with delivering benefits using an incremental, low risk approach.

This has led to these retail organisations moving to more customer-centric, multi-channel business models and helps to drive greater value from their customer relationships.   

By assisting with streamlining supply chain and distribution models to remove non value-add processes and implementing greater supplier collaboration, we have been able to assist businesses with reducing costs and improving margin management driving a positive impact to the bottom line.
The objective of these business improvements is to ensure that “the right product is in the right place at the right time for the right price”.