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Sustainability Policy

Asparona’s policy is to work towards environmental sustainability. Our policy fits within our principal objective, which is to operate a successful and financially viable company.

Stakeholder Consultation:

  • We will actively seek stakeholder consultation if a compromise exists between environmental, social and financial considerations.
  • Where possible strive to meet stakeholders' needs.
  • Meet our commitments under current law.


 Wise use of energy:

  • We will take all practicable steps to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources to meet our needs.
  • Encourage all staff to work to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work. 
  • When flying, travel at the busiest times whenever possible.
  • Encourage employees who are based in other centres to meet via video and web conferencing to minimise travel.
  • Use energy efficient hardware wherever possible.
  • Utilise power saving options on hardware.
  • Use energy efficient office lighting.
  • Plant trees to offset carbon emissions. 



  • We will research before purchasing equipment, ensuring the right tool for the job.
  • Purchase electronic versions of software online to reduce packaging and transport costs.
  • Utilise VPN’s (virtual-private-networks) to support staff and partners in accessing company infrastructure.
  • Utilise VOIP (voice over ip) systems and instant messaging  to maximise staff efficiency and reduce travel costs.
  • Encourage the use of open-source software.



  • We aim to minimise waste, particularly hazardous waste, and wherever possible recycle materials.
  • We will dispose of our waste through safe and responsible methods.
  • Reuse all paper within the office as many times as possible.
  • Use double-side printing whenever possible.
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and printer toners.