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The Customer Experience


Satisfied. It’s not the most stimulating of words. If you’re satisfied with a company’s services, then you’re ok with them.

Not enthused, not delighted, just OK.

It’s likely that that company has done an average job. They’ve done well. They haven’t done great, but they’ve done... OK.

Would you recommend them to a friend? Perhaps. Would you use them again? Maybe.

Then again, maybe not.

Asparona NZ doesn’t just aim to satisfy.   
Asparona NZ doesn’t just aim to meet expectations.
Asparona NZ doesn’t just aim for possible repeat customers.

Doing the bare minimum isn’t something that we’re interested in. We believe that our solutions shouldn’t satisfy; they should go above and beyond. We believe that our services shouldn’t meet expectations; they should blast all previous prospects out of the water. And we believe that our customers should be so impressed by what we do that they can’t help but return.

But quality service doesn’t just involve a few well-written paragraphs on a company website.

Oh, no...
It’s about the level of the people. At Asparona, we know what we’re doing. We know the difference between a challenge and a boundary, and we know that a solution is only a solution when it is feasible, valuable and usable.

We’re able to see the good and the bad, and pride ourselves on being able to hold open and honest conversations with our clients. Forget patronising sales pitches; we’re here in a business advisory role and want to increase profitability in every aspect of your IT architecture, warts and all.

Despite the task, we’re confident that our systems, our services, our training and our people are up to the job. And as you can see from the fancy wee images below, we’re certified to the highest degree, giving you complete peace of mind that you’re working with the best.

When we leave you, you’ll have a vision and an excitement for the future of your company’s business applications. And if you don’t, then we haven’t done our job.

End of story.

Asparona aims to go above and beyond.
Asparona aims to blast expectations out of the water.
Asparona aims for customers that can’t help but return.